Thursday, 10 April 2008

Negative Space

4th Drawing session went well. Space in between was the theme. Looking at the 'negative' spaces which shape a chair. Then drawing the shapes which make up the spaces. With a bit of practice (!) this is a really useful drawing tool. In fact some might say you can't do a decent drawing without considering the spaces between.
Reminded me of Glasgow School of Art Environmental Art Course, with the strapline - the context is half the work.
Led us to a brief conversation about socially engaged art practice and socially engaged research practice.
I think Sarah was right yesterday when she said there might be mileage in some of us looking at the similarities and differences between the two practices.
Any takers?
We also talked about Bruce Nauman, Rachel Whitread and the contested practice of life drawing the female nude.
The drawing sessions are beginning to take on a context as well as being about learning a skill. I didn't expect this! We are beginning to explore a shared space between social science research and fine art. Quite organically.

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