Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Response to The Drawing Sessions

Rosie's Feet by Dr. Alice MacLean

Some feedback from our drawing sessions based on Betty Edward’s book, Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain:

I'm not sure what I expected, but have been delighted with the sessions - to have the time just to concentrate on drawing and to find that I can actually produce something halfway respectable.

One thing I've noticed is that focusing on drawing also helps me to focus on research work when needed. The discipline and space needed for both are quite similar, I think.

I liked drawing the model best. I thought it would be difficult, but I really
liked it.

Similarities between research and drawing:

I think there are similarities between the drawing process and analysis in
research. A couple of things - you need to put in the graft to get good
results; and when you make a 'mistake' you can change it and get a better
result, and it's ok to do that. In the research analysis it strikes me
that it also involves a preciseness and a creativeness, whereby if you work with the form and shape of your data as well as the precise content you can develop a really worthwhile, in-depth analysis.


I guess research tends to focus on words more, but it's useful to think about how words can be a creative form as well.
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Rosie said...

wow! really amazing to see how much you have come on in these sessions, and also very interesting to do some comparisons/reflections on the similarities difference. So much productiveness from this partnership already!
sarah morton